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any new website?

2010-11-06 09:13:47 by CuteLollipop

Do you guys know any new websites like facebook ar myspace?
I have already have:
facebook, myspace, twitter, poznanici (it's a Hungarian and Serbian web mostly), newgrounds, omgpop, and I can't think of any more that Is like facebook...:P
any suggestions? :)

Changed my profil pic!:)

2010-11-01 16:16:46 by CuteLollipop

<3 Everybody has a beautiful colour whit in them selves, even the most colourless people too...:)

Changed my profil pic!:)


2010-10-24 06:39:21 by CuteLollipop

What shold I be for halloween? The party at my school is on Wednesday and I need ideas! I go to an art school so it's like a dark halloween party! :D
This pic is a little old, but I still look like this! Sooo any ideas? :)


Happy birthsday!

2010-10-21 15:15:29 by CuteLollipop

Today is my sisters Birthsday!!!! :DD HAPPY BIRTHSDAY SIS!!!! :D :)))))))) :***

I have an art projeckt for " form design " class. the task was to make an art with different lines (it's too hard to explane ) it's pretty cool! :D

This is for form design class

TWEET!!!YeeeY :D

2010-09-21 14:59:01 by CuteLollipop

Fallow me on twitter!!! :DDDD xD

:DDDD x)

TWEET!!!YeeeY :D

drawing to my friend :)

2010-09-12 15:01:29 by CuteLollipop

my friend and I are going to the same class, we maid a deal that if she draws my name super cool, I'm going to draw her this drawing :)

drawing to my friend :)

I really like romantic books and storys, and I would like to know what's the most romantic, any hints?;)

Favourite song! :D

2010-08-07 17:23:40 by CuteLollipop

Right now my favourite songs are...
Teenage Dream-by Katy Perry _i6U
Come on Come on-by Morgan Laurence lD_4
Face-by Milan Stankovic _8_U
Please don't leave me-by Pink _lZk
Hotel room-by Pit Bull P4Pk

What's your favourite songs? :)

This Is awsome!!!!

2010-08-03 07:05:41 by CuteLollipop

My friend showd me a program (don't need to download) on the internet. It makes photos look awsome.
I'f you like to take pictures, and you wanna do something whit them, this is the place ;)
I like to go there :D

This Is awsome!!!!