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I am better at art! :D

2010-11-16 14:56:45 by CuteLollipop

hellooo guys! I am better at art, I looked at my old drawings and I sawd that I got alott better! thanx to practise :D and I'm not stopping, I'll try to get even better! x) I thought that it would be better if I took some of my old art and put up some new, should I?
I'll put up some art here and you guys could tell me if I should put it up in my art, so here is the first! :D

I am better at art! :D


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2010-11-16 15:06:33

Your art is pretty good.You should post on the art forum for tips and tricks to make your art godly,and get scouted!

CuteLollipop responds:

Tanx, but I'm always going on you tube and watch peaple doing art and saying what to do, that's mostly how I practise c:


2011-06-16 00:24:49

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