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ear piercings x)

2010-11-22 09:43:58 by CuteLollipop

I think inustrial ear piercings are bad ass! xD this is not my ear, I don't have one, and my parent's will never let me have one, I just think it's awsome! x) what do you guys think?

ear piercings x)


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2010-11-22 09:54:19

There pretty bad ass.

CuteLollipop responds:

Tenx, I know!x))))


2010-11-22 10:38:13

Perfect for smuggling cocaine.

CuteLollipop responds:

why would it be for smuggling cocaine? I think the piercing is pretty cool


2010-12-07 08:30:09

i dont know,putting a piece of metal in ur ear doesnt sound cool but scary.i mean your gonna hev that thing for ever.