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2011-02-05 15:06:38 by CuteLollipop

My stupid best friend asked the guy on facebook who I like, if he likes me, and he said yes, I went out with him once, but now he knows that I was talking about him and I think his angry at me!!!!! what should I do??? He has a lot of friends, and his in a band! I have to be very careful what's gonna be my next step! D:


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2011-02-05 15:46:19

I dont know how to handle this situation
You damn kids and these childish crushes you have.
Buy him a guitar strap and draw a hart on it.

CuteLollipop responds:

aaaah, nice idea for valentines day :D


2011-02-05 17:24:38

don't go to fast take things slow

CuteLollipop responds:

ok, I'll try...