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Almost a year... :O

2012-02-06 06:30:29 by CuteLollipop

Heyy been a long time since I was up here, wat's up? I'v bee really busy with school, but I do have some new art, and hope you enjoy them. These were made in the school, and they were white statues. (of corse they were not that realistic) These are also drawn on a large piece of paper. well, that's all for now, they are in my latest art, if you are interested than have fun looking at them ;)
here is a one as well for a peek :D (and yes I know, they are not that good, but I'm practesing :3 )

Almost a year... :O


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2012-02-06 08:06:23

There is no good nor judgement that qualifies other than how you feel about it.

Art is an emotional balance of creativity and structural integrity.

Practice will make you 'better' but 'better' is just a term of expression.

The real how emotionally it makes you feel while doing it.

Happy emotions begat happy art.

Angry emotions begat angry art.

Perverse emotions begat perverted art.

And so on.

No thoughts my friend, just practice and feel.

Practice and 'feel'.

But do not judge or compare.

CuteLollipop responds:

Finally someone has FINALLY said these thoughts, It has been a long time since I felt that way, because even in my school people around me act like emotionless robots about art, thus pulling me in their group, becoming blinder and blinder, I still had hope someone will finally say these words, I thank you my friend
I Thank you


2012-02-07 23:40:46

Hey i stopped by and saw your art, It is really great, you seem to have worked hard and that is why i am going to scout you, take this as an opportunity to improve and to more people watch your artwork and appreciate it.

Welcome to the art portal! you earn it, keep drawing!

CuteLollipop responds:

You are great! Thank you :) I will keep practicing and become better :D


2012-08-20 16:44:28

I dig it! I expected to look up top and see 1000 fans
Well, add me to the list