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Finally abck with drawing!:3

2010-04-09 16:04:25 by CuteLollipop

Hi guys! I'm drawing again on table, sorry, but I only have time to draw some thing fast, cuz I don't really have the time... I draw whit pencil ALOT cuz I wan't to get in art school!xD
So right now, I'm only doing some fun art on table!:)
I drawed this in 10 minutes, I know, I know, alot of you might not like it, but for me it's cute whit the citty and the colours :D :3 elollipop/citty-3

Finally abck with drawing!:3

any tips?:)

2010-03-28 08:14:52 by CuteLollipop

Hi everyone! :3
Do you guys know where I can download the game "syberia"
I played it a long time ago, I really like this game because it's more of a thinking and advanture game!:D
I lost the CD, so I would like to download it from a free and non virus site... any tips?:)

any tips?:)

little question! :)

2010-03-26 08:43:50 by CuteLollipop

finish this sentence, have fun!:)

If I could do anything fo a day, I would __________

Hi guys! :3

2010-03-15 16:07:53 by CuteLollipop

Hi guys! I was thinking that i should read more... So I'm looking for a good book. :3
I like romantic and horror books,
but I like romantic comadies to! :)
any hints? :D


2010-03-14 12:24:41 by CuteLollipop

what do I have to click in photoshop to put a drawing as background, after drawing on it, and than take down the background, but the drawing stays.

What caracter would you be?

2010-03-11 10:39:40 by CuteLollipop

If you could be any caracter (real, game, cartoon, anything or anyone) who would you be and why?xDxDxD

Little help?...

2010-03-10 12:16:49 by CuteLollipop

What's the game where I can teleport? (It's not an online game)
when I shoot, a circle (or a ring) apaires that can make you teleport...

what super power woould you have?

2010-03-09 09:34:06 by CuteLollipop

If you could have any super power, what would it be? xDxDxD

Bat man vs. Spider man

2010-03-08 10:05:21 by CuteLollipop

Who will win and why???????
leave you interesting comments bellow the news! xDxDxDxD

Top 3 horror moveis!

2010-03-03 14:43:01 by CuteLollipop

I'm lookoing for a good horror film.
feel free to put in some more. :3
for me:
1. cube (movie)
2. 24 days later
3. Steevy Todd: demon barber

Top 3 horror moveis!