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any good multiplayer game?

2010-02-28 06:22:19 by CuteLollipop

I'm looking for good multyplayer (something advantures)
Where I can chat and walk, or even fly. I don't like WOW ( world of worcraft) because it is too addicting...
I know this site:
Here I used to play Play Sherwood dragon, but I got pissed of because I forgot my name in the game. DX
I relly don't wan't to play it from the beginning! :(
If anyone knows a game that is simuler than please comment. :) If you don't, any other game is fine, just atleast let the caracture be seen like it in the game (here is a picture, because I don't know how to write it...) :D

O ye, and once I found a good game up on the internet, like a really big world and everyone looks like teenagers. (a need to be downloaded game) It's not really that much of a fantisy.
If you have any idea than please tell me, because I don't know the games name anymore...:(

any good multiplayer game?

a very funny video!

2010-02-24 06:58:20 by CuteLollipop

I looooold so hard, when I first saw this!!!! :D ( I did not make this video) USI0

An animating program

2010-02-20 14:09:50 by CuteLollipop

Hi guys! :D
I really don't know anything about animating, so I'm looking for a good program where I can make animat.
some tips please? :)

Hi guys! here is me again whit my questions.
Ok, I need a good drawing program, some tips please? :3
O ye, I alredy have photoshop and sai (sai doesn't work good whit my table... :(
you know anything good, feel free to tell me! ;)

Can I have some help?

2010-02-13 12:33:13 by CuteLollipop

Hi guys!
I have some clips on my mobile, but they don't work... :(
I think I need to do somethin to the vids before I put the on my mobile.
Can someone give me some tips?

My new drawing! :3

2010-02-07 05:24:36 by CuteLollipop

Thins is a sketch, and I have more. Until I get scoutid, I shell put it up in my news or not puttit up at all.
For now you can commentet in my news.
enjoy! :D

My new drawing! :3


2010-01-13 13:41:53 by CuteLollipop

What do toy think? :)


I think it's cute...

2010-01-10 04:04:07 by CuteLollipop

Not the best, but I enjoy it!

I think it's cute...

Here is prince Chibi!

2010-01-09 07:36:24 by CuteLollipop

My second Chibi art here: elollipop/prince-chibi

If you are interested here is the first elollipop/my-thirs-chibi

My first Chibi!

2010-01-08 09:05:16 by CuteLollipop

This i my very first chibi! What do you think? ^^ This is in my art!

My first Chibi!