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Almost a year... :O

2012-02-06 06:30:29 by CuteLollipop

Heyy been a long time since I was up here, wat's up? I'v bee really busy with school, but I do have some new art, and hope you enjoy them. These were made in the school, and they were white statues. (of corse they were not that realistic) These are also drawn on a large piece of paper. well, that's all for now, they are in my latest art, if you are interested than have fun looking at them ;)
here is a one as well for a peek :D (and yes I know, they are not that good, but I'm practesing :3 )

Almost a year... :O

Wow! :O

2011-06-24 05:27:20 by CuteLollipop

...It's been really a long time since I been up here...hows it going? :D

Me and my boyfriend finally got together! <3 I just don't know what I should get him, so what should I? :)


2011-02-05 15:06:38 by CuteLollipop

My stupid best friend asked the guy on facebook who I like, if he likes me, and he said yes, I went out with him once, but now he knows that I was talking about him and I think his angry at me!!!!! what should I do??? He has a lot of friends, and his in a band! I have to be very careful what's gonna be my next step! D:

I have watched BRUNO

2011-01-03 14:55:48 by CuteLollipop

Yes, BrĂ¼no...I have wasted an hour of my life watching a REALLY stupid film... =.="

I have watched BRUNO

what's that game??

2010-12-30 14:44:29 by CuteLollipop

There is a game where there is a devil and an angle and I'm like a hand and click on thing on the ground...(you look from above things) what is it calld??

Guns or swords?

2010-12-21 14:59:10 by CuteLollipop

wich one do you like more? I pick guns! xD

Change my name?

2010-12-07 09:15:36 by CuteLollipop

I don't account name (CuteLollipop) is sooo boring....that is only one reason. the other reason is because it sound so pink and I don't really like pink any more >_<" Now I like more darker things. Also the name sounds so full of her self...=_=" I'm really not like that. :3
I thought of some new names if I'll change it:
and many more.........
If ypu could change your account name, what would it be? :)

ear piercings x)

2010-11-22 09:43:58 by CuteLollipop

I think inustrial ear piercings are bad ass! xD this is not my ear, I don't have one, and my parent's will never let me have one, I just think it's awsome! x) what do you guys think?

ear piercings x)

I am better at art! :D

2010-11-16 14:56:45 by CuteLollipop

hellooo guys! I am better at art, I looked at my old drawings and I sawd that I got alott better! thanx to practise :D and I'm not stopping, I'll try to get even better! x) I thought that it would be better if I took some of my old art and put up some new, should I?
I'll put up some art here and you guys could tell me if I should put it up in my art, so here is the first! :D

I am better at art! :D